About us

Our company was established in 2006.
All our staff, 20 dedicated workers, were specially trained to work and perform at their peak at all times.  
Management contributed, acquiring the best available equipments; Japanese three-axle milling machines made by Makino, and German five-axle milling machine made by Hermale, Japanese EDM and EDM wire cutting machines (Makino).
No part is really difficult for us. We can handle the most complex parts, guaranteeing parts quality and most economical production time.
All that would not have been possible if we did not use and embrace the best materials and fixtures available on the market. Using our equipment we are able to built multi structure and multi surfaces molds and products;  sand erosion effect, rough and smooth surfaces, logos etc..
Many important aspect is the ability to manufacture your molds and all sorts of stamps in China and Korea. Our close cooperation with companies producing high-quality and expensive molds of these countries allows customers to find the best option for the production of their orders at a convenient price and quality is not changed, since control over the manufacture of molds in these countries is produced by our specialists from the designing to the first casting. This control is carried out both by means of modern communication technologies and the physical presence of our specialists in our partner companies ‪. ‬
Our costumers